Laika Saintlouis for Albero Men’s – June

There are a bunch of new releases at Albero Men’s, I’m wearing a few of them here as you can see. Come and explore.


Glasses: Alphavillain @ Albero Men’s – Samuel Glasses (Tortoise Shell)
Shirt: Nanuk @ Albero Men’s- Viggo V-Neck Tee
Trousers: Milk Motion @ Albero Men’s – My Wool Pants
Shoes: DECO @ Albero Men’s – Trail Boots
Also wearing:
Hairbase: Antebellum/&Bean – Northern Lights
Hair: Urban December – Friday 
Skin & Facial Hair: The Body Co. – Hunter (Ivory)
And all poses are by Glitterati, I think






Albero Men’s Spring Releases worn by Laika Saintlouis

Pictures by Laika Saintlouis.
Here’s a fresh look for your consideration made up of 75% recycled Albero Men’s Spring releases. Keep reading for all the featured Albero Men’s deets and slurls, read to the end for the other items and click through for larger resolution images. Okay?
Glasses: Alphavillain – Borgesian Glasses
Facial Hair: Nanuk – Per Curled Scruff with Sideburns
Patches: Alphavillain – Elbow Patches (Red Flannel)
Shirt: Nanuk – Kent Tee
Trousers: Nanuk – Stig Slacks
Shoes: Fir & Mna – The Ashford Brogues

Also wearing a skin by Sacred, hair by Pocket Mirrors and a jacket by Kalrau

Laika Saintlouis for Nanuk @ Albero Men’s

Four stores, three of which are next door neighbours, one of which is brand spanking new. Come on down to Albero Men’s Select Shopping Mall, you won’t even break a sweat.

Click the pictures for larger resolution images.

  • Glasses: Alphavillain – Mathletics Glasses
  • Shirt: NANUK arn basic longsleeve pea
  • Trousers: NANUK stig slacks blue
  • Boots: DECO – Patrol Cap Black
  • Boots: DECO – Test Boots White Laces
  • Pipe: DECO – Kettle Pipe Brown
  • Cane: DECO – Duckhead Cane

I’m also wearing a skin by Sacred and two facial hairs by Antebellum.

Also wearing a skin by &Bean, hair by Pocket Mirrors and facial hair by Antebellum

Laika Saintlouis for Albero Men’s Part 2

All featured items available at Albero Men’s store locations. Individual slurls below:

Laika Saintlouis for Albero Men’s

All featured items available at Albero Men’s store locations. Individual slurls below:


There’s a new shop at Albero Men’s…Alphavillain. Go check it out!

Glasses – Alphavillain

Jacket + Pants – *FIR*

Polo – Doppleganger


Jacket – Naith Smit Designs

Shirt – Whippet + Buck

Jeans – Plastik (1L Albero Men’s gift)